5 New Year Resolutions For Your Plumbing System

Like most people, we here at Spartakus Plumbing get reflective towards the start of a new calendar year. What did we do right? What did we do wrong? What can we do better?

While we tend to make new commitments to ourselves at this time of year, what other types of resolutions do we make? Ever thought about making new resolutions for your home? How about your plumbing system? No? Well maybe you should be!

While everyone floods to the gyms and health food stores to work on dropping that extra 10 pounds, we here at Spartakus Plumbing want to help you try to drop those extra expenses that come along with unexpected plumbing problems.

The Spartakus Plumbing “diet” for 2018 is more about awareness, rather than sacrificing the things you love. Following these few easy guidelines (resolutions) will help reduce the risk of those costly plumbing emergencies, and maybe even save you some money along the way through responsible conservation.

So what can you do to ensure your plumbing functions better this year?

Be Kind To Your Garbage Disposal:

Don’t just throw everything from your plate in your disposal. Learn what actually is supposed to go in a disposal and what doesn’t.  Also, be sure to run your water whenever you use your disposal to eliminate waste buildup that causes unwelcome odors in the house.

Turn It Off If You Don’t Need It

Sometimes it’s easy to not recognize just how much water we waste in a day. This is perhaps the easiest resolution, with the greatest personal gain. Simple adjustments, such as turning the water off when brushing you teeth, can save as many as 3,000 gallons of water a year.  You’ll suddenly notice that your wallet grew a few inches at the end of each month. Also, switching to an energy-efficient, tankless water heater is a great way to save water and energy throughout the year. The experts here at Spartakus Plumbing can show you the way. 

Don’t always remodel - sometimes it’s ok to Re-Imagine

It’s nice to change your bathroom’s look every now and then. Switching up the decor can be refreshing to everyone in your house and guests that regularly visit your home. Even simple updates, such as replacing faucets or installing cabinets, can have a significant impact on your bathrooms function and value. However, larger jobs are best left to the professionals. 

Your Toilet Is NOT A Garbage Disposal:

Stop being mean to your toilet. Flushing things such as Q-Tips, hair, tissues and wet wipes are just a recipe for disaster for any toilet / plumbing system. Hey, they don’t make fancy bathroom trashcans for nothing do they? 

Warm Up Your Pipes For The Winter:

As mentioned in our last article, don’t let your pipes get beat up in the winter by cold temperatures. Burst pipes can be an extreme inconvenience and a very expensive fix. Make sure they are properly insulated to avoid such disasters.

Follow this advice and you should have minimal plumbing problems around your house. However, if you’re ever in a pinch and need the help of a professional plumber, Spartakus Plumbing is here to help!