Everyone knows the most used room in the house is the kitchen. It is where all the delicious foods occur, where we wash our hands,and where we clean up our dishes. With that in mind a sink is ideal in helping the entire process out and must be fully operating at all times. However, sometimes our sinks become clogged or damaged, which effects us in every way possible. This is the most important plumbing kitchen repair because if not taken care of immediately, then you won’t have a place to take care of kitchen tasks. Spartakus Plumbing and Heating will make sure you can use your shower, tub, and sinks with ease by offering faucet repairs and drain cleaning. Don’t worry if your faucets are leaking, or if you have loose washers or low water pressure because we assure you we can fix it immediately. We also clean out shower, tub, and sink drains, along with garbage disposals, removing clogs and debris to get the water flowing freely.

Furthermore, we repair small pipes in your home that connect to your plumbing fixtures. When it comes to faucets, it is important to know there are four main types, which are disc, ball, compression, and cartridge. Each type has a special use and is unique to it’s ability. They are the main mechanisms that allow water to travel freely and if used wrong can lead to a leakage. For example, did you know a dripping sink wastes around 200+ gallons of water each  month, increasing your water bill for no reason. If you would like to reduce your water bill and cut down on the waste, then you need to immediately contact Spartakus Plumbing and Heating.