Commercial water filtration systems are used for water treatment in the food, beverage, hotel, building, research, health, hospital, and healthcare industries. The last thing you want is for your employees or customers to get sick because of your buildings contaminated water. Water filters are not only found in refrigerators, but also found and used in industrial levels that contain much higher levels of water supply and pressure. When it comes to adding a water filter, you want to make sure you choose a filter that is made out of high quality, will not rust, and not become contaminated with germs. Often times people purchase filters that carry germs and easily become contaminated.

Here at Spartakus Plumbing and Heating, we replace your outdated filtration system with commercial reverse osmosis systems. Regardless of your situation, our commercial water filtration systems are perfect for your business. Whether you’re looking for individual filters or a complete commercial water filtration system, you can depend on Spartakus Plumbing and Heating for a customized system designed to meet your specific water needs. Our plumbing specialists have water and air filtration systems available to install in any size building from 2 to up to 60 stories so you can breathe easier and experience softer, better tasting water. You can rely on our experienced team of Certified Water Specialists. Call our team to discuss your water filter needs.